Welcome to The Wine Bulb

The Wine Bulb events and courses take a modern & inclusive approach to learning about wine, whether you are a wine consumer that wants to learn more, or a budding hospitality beginner!

The Wine Bulb was founded by Penny Claiborne, her vision is to provide a learning environment that connects people in an enlighened and relaxed manner.

By connecting people through their passion for good food and wine, Penny hopes to share the amazing stories that the winemakers, producers, growers have to share about their special region that creates the wine we drink.

Like with ‘farmers markets’ and ‘farm to plate’ based events, that help us connect to our food, Penny wants to demystify wine and connect you from the ‘Vineyard to the Glass’.

Penny has run a successful wholesale sales and wine consultancy business, based in the Illawarra, since 2009. Penny is a Certified Sommelier Level 1, and holds the Advanced Level 3 of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET).

Throughout her travels from New Zealand (her birth place), the USA, Canada, The Maldives and all over Europe, Penny has followed her passion to some of the most famous as well as the lessor known wine regions of the world.

To date she is most passionate about the emerging Australia regions and producers that are the innovators of a fantastic industry.

Please join her and her wine passionate colleagues in your journey with wine!!